Zoom Thanksgiving Outfits

Story and photos by Kaylee Winter

This holiday season will look a little different than previous ones. With small gatherings of just members of your household eating around the table this year, deciding on what to wear might be confusing. Maybe you don’t want to over-dress or under-dress.

Maybe you plan to decorate for Christmas, watch movies, and sit around in pajamas all day. Or whether you want to look nice on Zoom calls with your family members from a far. Maybe you don’t want to dress up or look lazy but you just want a casual, comfy outfit.

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans are this year, here are a few ideas for some outfit inspiration. These outfits are ideas from the waist up because luckily, on Zoom calls, no one sees what pants you’re wearing.

Wearing a sweater is an easy way to look nice while also being comfortable. Throwing on a sweater with leggings, jeans, Khakis, or even sweat pants or pajama pants, makes it look like you spent more time getting ready than maybe you actually did.

Wearing a simple shirt with a cardigan, jacket or flannel can also help to dress up a look while also adding an extra layer of warmth.

If you want to have a more put together outfit, wearing a button up, blouse, or nicer top will work. You can also pair this outfit with any pants of your choosing depending on what plans you have and the look you are going for this Thanksgiving.

If you plan on having a lazy holiday, wearing sweat pants, joggers, leggings, or pajamas will keep you cozy all day. You can pair it with your favorite t-shirt or hoodie and take time to relax.