Dreams Come True with the Disney College Program

Story by Brittany Andrade

Disney is in the business of making dreams come true for people of all ages, all over the world.

Many Central Michigan University students have their dreams come true when they receive letters accepting them into the Disney College Program (DCP). The DCP is a program where college students can work and take classes at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

As the DCP application came to a close last Thursday, October 19, students who participated reflect on their time in the program.

Co-President of the Friends of Disney Alumni Association Brianna Wildey, 22, applied twice before being accepted into the DCP.

Wildey poses for a photo in her custodial uniform at Walt Disney World, spring 2015 || Courtesy of Wildey

“I remember practicing a lot just to make sure I would sound okay over the phone during my interview. I heard back about two weeks after the interview that I got accepted,” Wildey said. “When I found out I was doing the program I was at home, and I jumped up and screamed. I went and told my mom and brother and just started happy crying. It was an amazing experience.”

The application process consists of three phases. The first is a basic demographic and interest application that hopeful participants fill out. The second phase, participants complete a web interview about working in the Disney environment and how they would react in certain scenarios. The final stage is the phone interview with a recruiter who asks questions about former work experience, interests, gives ‘what would you do’ scenarios, and gets to know the participant. After the phone interview, participants play the waiting game until they receive an email that could change their life.

“This experience is once in a lifetime, twice in a lifetime for a few,” Devin Bosch, Co-President of FDAA said. “It’s about more than just going to get credit or to put Disney on your resume. It’s about the experience and really taking everything in.”

Bosch poses with Goofy and Pluto during DCP graduation at Walt Disney World, spring 2016. || Courtesy of Bosch

DCP participants are assigned to a certain role, ranging from jobs in merchandise to character performance.

Mayfield, in Minnie costume, dances with a young Walt Disney World attendee, fall 2014 || Courtesy of Mayfield

“I was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and 11 other roles,” elementary education major Michelle Mayfield, 22, said. “My program was in the fall and I extended it into the spring. I really liked the program. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.”


Mayfield, center, poses with other DCP participants during her program at Walt Disney World, summer 2015 || || Courtesy of Mayfield

Aside from being a college student when you apply for the program, Disney doesn’t require applicants to major in any specific field, which was a relief for recently accepted biology major Alexandra Couch.

“I’m training to become an optometrist, which may seem like a far stretch for being in the program,” Couch said. “Doing this is going to help me when it comes to working with people from all over the world and all different cultures, backgrounds and ages.”

For Couch, and many of the people that applied for the DCP, working for Disney is an absolute dream come true.

“I’ve been there [Walt Disney World] 10 times, and Disney has become my happy place,” Couch said. “I’m really excited to make people happy and help create those magic moments for people. —I’m just so excited to go and work for the Mouse!”