Everything You Need to Know About Piercings at CMU

Photo courtesy of Intricate Decor on Facebook

Story by Rachel Bednarz 

Piercings are a trend all over campus of Central Michigan University, but people always have questions before deciding to get one. Here are some answers to common piercing related questions.

Where can you go to get a piercing near campus?

There are a couple piercing shops in Mount Pleasant: Evolved ArtForms Tattoo and Sinister Productions Tattoo. They are both located on Mission St. There is also Intricate Decor on Pickard St. All of these shops have large amounts of positive feedback from clients on Google and Facebook.

What piercings are popular on campus?

Dawn Littleton from Evolved ArtForms said that the most popular piercing among college students is a toss up between nose and nipples. She said that most of her customers are repeat, and students often get a piercing and then come back with their friends later in the day because they want one, too. Littleton said that piercings are definitely more popular among females, but the most popular piercing for male students is still the nose.

How do you take care of your piercing?

Some shops will sell you a sanitation kit for your new piercing. This can provide extra assurance that your piercing won’t get infected, but Littleton simply suggests purchasing Dial Gold liquid soap for this. She said that cleaning your piercing with soap twice a day will help prevent infection. Evolved ArtForms does not sell sanitation kits for piercings.

Are piercings always popular?

When asked if piercings are always popular, Littleton said, “It is kind of something that comes in bursts. You’ll have a big pop and then it stays big for a few years.” Along with that, she said that piercings are very popular right now. Although the popularity of piercings fluctuates over the years, Littleton said that even when they don’t do any other piercings in a day, they still will have nose piercings.