Five Health Apps to Download Right Now

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo Illustration by Anne Langan

With all the smartphone capabilities today, it’s not hard to fill the storage on your phone. People spend countless hours staring at their phones, scrolling their news feeds, playing candy crush or watching videos. Not to mention, being a college student and trying to stay healthy can be difficult.

But who’s to say that your phone can’t stop you from also living a happier and healthier life? These apps for your smartphone are sure to pass the test for taking up that precious storage space.

My Fitness Pal
This is the app that can do it all. Not only does it track your workouts, but it keeps track of your health and everything you eat. The app has a huge database of foods to help you track your diet. Whether you type in the food or scan it by the barcode, entering your daily calories is easier than ever.

If you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up, My Fitness Pal determines the amount of calories you need and the exercise you need to reach your goal. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular fitness and health apps.

Nike+ Training Club
The Nike+ Training Club is there to help you get yourself in shape. The workouts are designed by athletes and professional trainer. You’re able to customize the program you do to fit exactly what you need, all while sharing your progress with others as an added challenge. The Nike+ app will have you feeling like a better you in no time.

Meditation Studio
Getting into meditation isn’t easy, and with so many different types of guided meditation it can be hard to find exactly what works for you. Instead of just trying a random app, Meditation Studio offers so much to fit exactly what you need.

If you’re feeling stressed, happy, or sad, this app will fit all of your moods. Even though it costs $2.99 to download, you won’t complain when you get over 150 meditations to work your way through.

Yoga Wakeup
Waking for the day can be a little difficult at times, but incorporating yoga into your daily routine can make mornings way more bearable. Adding yoga into your routine just became a lot easier with this app, offering 10 minute classes that range anywhere from guided meditation to holding different poses.

Don’t stop drinking your morning coffee, just add in a little bit of yoga to make the day better.

Spotify Running
If you already have the Spotify app, you won’t even have to make room for this one! 

Spotify running doesn’t just pick out the best running songs, but it measures your pace and matches to a song with beats per minute. Now you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect running music.