HOW TO: Dress Like Christmas Movie Characters

Every holiday season many gather around the TV to watch their Christmas favorites. For some, this includes the classic “White Christmas” and the more recent film, “Elf.”

Have you ever wanted to dress like the characters in these movies to bring out your Christmas spirit even more? Well now is your chance. We have a quick guide on how to dress like Betty and Judy Haynes or Buddy the Elf.

Betty and Judy Haynes play two sisters in “White Christmas,” who have some great style. They are often dressed in skirts or dresses (or costumes if they are performing). One of the most iconic scenes in this movie is when they are dressed in red dresses with white fur trim.

While the style of dress they wore may not be popular at the moment, you can opt for a red dress of your choice. Keep it classy, though, because the Haynes sisters were all about being classy. Now that you have your red dress, you will want to keep warm with some black opaque tights, black heels and a red coat.

If your coat has white trim that would work better, but if it doesn’t, no need to worry! Add a few white accessories to get the “White Christmas” look, like a white scarf and white gloves.

If you want a quirkier Christmas look, you might opt for Buddy the Elf from “Elf.” Buddy’s look throughout much of the movie is Buddy in his elf costume. To re-create this look you will need a yellow pair of pants or leggings. Black flats would look best for this look, but with these cold Michigan winters you might want to opt for black boots instead.

You can play around with the shirt. You can either wear a plain green shirt with a black belt, or a white long-sleeved shirt with a green vest over it. Since you’re already channeling your inner elf, you might as well have fun with the look. If you want to wear a hat, a green beanie would be perfect. It should be longer so it hangs beyond the back of your head.

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These looks could be worn for a few occasions. The “White Christmas” look is perfect for any Christmas party. The “Elf” look can be worn more frequently, either out Christmas shopping, or you can make it work for an ugly Christmas sweater party.