Makeup Monday: Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics

Whether you like the Kylie Jenner or not, one thing is certain: her lip sticks are on point and fabulous.

After continually seeing Kylie Jenner and many famous makeup artists post on social media about her new cosmetic line, I just went ahead and decided to try it.

Matte lipstick is my absolute favorite, mainly because glossy lip products are difficult to keep up with, having to constantly reapply or wipe of areas that smudge.

While the line of cosmetics Kylie created has many different types and textures for her lip care products, I bought the “Dolce K” matte liquid lipstick.

I always have trouble finding the right type of matte lipstick- some brands just get clumpy and uncomfortable and others leave you with chapped lips, but Kylie’s Dolce K is, in my opinion, one of the best matte products out there.

The lip kit comes with the matte liquid lipstick and lip liner to match. The liner smoothly outlines while the lipstick goes on very smooth and dries quickly.

Overall, this product is a must have.