People of Central – Ivory Fields

Story by Kiyanna Johnson

Photo by Madison Ingalls

Among the games and pride of students who bleed maroon and gold, Central Michigan University offers students many programs and organizations to find their path on campus. Creative writing is one of those programs.

Senior Ivory Fields created a woven path with poetry since middle school.  She used to carry around three composition books and fill them with her own poetry. The students at her school would pass them around, reading and signing their names.

However, Fields has stepped into a new direction with her writing.

“Currently, I don’t need poetry. I connected to it more when I felt depressed and didn’t really have a voice,” she said. “Now, I feel more developed with things [writing].”

Fields is an english literature major with a creative writing path. She became involved with Central Review and is current editor-in-chief. She also became treasurer of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honor society.

“You don’t have to be an English major to write stories. Everyone has a creative thing and this is the time to explore it. Don’t put yourself into a box,” Fields said.

As a senior, Fields is able to juggle various involvements including two jobs.  This doesn’t stop her from giving time to her organizations, academics and responsibilities at home.

Fields advises incoming students to become involved in the creative part of campus.

“Explore what’s on campus. People don’t realize what’s out there, but you can make connections with professors,” she said. “Talk to them. Most of them are well connected and will help you in your study of field.”