RSO Spotlight: A Letter For Better

Story by Ricardo Martin

Photos by Hayley Seibel

If you have ever found a mysterious letter that brought a smile to your face around campus, you can thank the students from A Letter for Better.

A Letter for Better, or ALFB, is an RSO at Central Michigan University whose goal is to bring positivity and kindness through handwritten letters and random acts of kindness. ALFB may write letters to specific organizations or just to random strangers.

ALFB has around 25 to 30 people at each of their meetings; however, this number varies throughout the semester. In total, they write around 30 to 60 per week, and sometimes even more. Members have the opportunity to write as many letters as they want, so there is no limit to their kindness.

Junior Julie Martin is the president of ALFB. She has been part of the organization since her freshman year and has increased her involvement in ALFB throughout her college career.

“I have always been someone who loves to look at the positive side of things and also someone who loves to write letters and send things in the mail,” Martin said. “It made me happy to know that there was an organization all about spreading positivity and kindness through handwritten letters on campus.”

Martin said they want people who find their letters to feel valued and to know there are people on campus who care about them.

“We just want to spread as much love and positivity as we can, and we hope that people who receive our letters can feel inspired and loved,” Martin said.

Martin hopes ALFB continues to thrive long after she has graduated and would love to see its impact reach other organizations. They have started to partner with other RSOs and organizations to help promote ALFB.

“I think the most rewarding part is just getting to spend time with such genuinely kind hearted people and get to know their passions and experiences in life,” Martin said.  “It has created such a welcoming, positive and safe space on campus for me to escape to every other week, and I am so grateful for that.”

ALFB meets every other Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Pearce 124. They are always looking for new members and encourage students to reach out through social media and Engage Central. Martin would like to see ALFB continue to grow and spread positivity through CMU’s campus for as long as possible.

“Whatever ends up happening, I’m sure it will be great and will impact people’s lives in the most positive way,” Martin said.