Students Recommend Getting Involved

Photos and Story by Cassie Wright and Sydney Hutchison

Meeting new people and finding things to do on a college campus can be tough at times, but throughout the year students at Central Michigan University have the opportunity to get involved on campus through Registered Student Organizations.

We asked Central students how they’ve gotten involved throughout the years.

Holt, MI junior Rachel Bennick

“I am involved with Leadership Safari, the Spark Leadership series, and this year I’m a co-chair for the connections conference. So, all of those involvements are in the Leadership Institute. Outside of those involvements, I work on campus as a success advocate in the Office of Student Success,” Bennick said. “Each involvement I get something else from, you know, like they’re all different. They all teach me a new soft skill, or they challenge me. So, that’s how I kind of approach each situation, I look to learn and grow from each experience, even if I’ve done it more than once. I use my involvements to kind of challenge me and reframe my mentality to help me to be better as I go into the future.”

Muskegon, MI junior Julia Wood

“I’m a part of the Sustainability Coalition here on campus. We meet monthly on Fridays. That’s a part of me also being on Student Advocates for Vegetarianism and Veganism Eboard. So, as a part of that club I also go to the Sustainability meetings, and we talk about what things our clubs can do to integrate sustainability initiatives on campus,” Wood said. “I’m in a psych lab on campus as well. So, one of the projects we are working on is a psychedelic paper, like a literature review of all of the psychedelic effects on perception back before the psychedelic drugs were prohibited. As another part of that psych lab we meet on Mondays and talk about various projects and I help out with that.”

RSO’s can be a great way to build new relationships as well as set you up for success in your future.

When asked how these involvements have shaped her as a person, Wood says, “I think they have helped me so much. I think when you first get to college, you’re always looking for something. You’re so busy with classes, but it’s really important to step out there and get a part of clubs and what not. I go to the gym all the time and that’s a great way to meet people. I work at the gym, too, so I’ve met people through that. It’s just a matter of finding your niche. Through that, you find your friends and your people.”

Sterling Heights, MI junior Semiat Shafau

“I’m a general member of M.A.S.S., so that’s a Minority Association of Medical Students and then A.S.A. and that’s African Students Association and I’m Vice President of Kessler Hall Council and am also a secretary of the Organization for Black Unity,” Shafu said. “They have made me feel at home and helped me find my people so, I really like that. Specifically, with M.A.S.S., since I’m pre-med, that has helped me figure out what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Get involved because you can meet new people, possibly gain leadership experience and it just makes you feel more at home on campus.”

Livonia, MI sophomore Annie Yost

“I play basketball so, that’s keeps me kind of busy. I’m in the Honors Program so I do a lot of volunteer stuff,” Yost said.

Playing a sport at CMU can be very rewarding as well, some students find a sense of home within their teams.

Yost’s advice for potential students is, “Definitely do it, get involved. The stuff I have done has been very good for me,” she said. “I like meeting new people and trying new things— I recommend it.”

Gaylord, MI sophomore Gwendolyn Ralston

“I’m currently a part of Classic Game Bird club. I work at the library, so that and classes take up most of my time. Being part of that club really helped me make friends and be able to open up and be part of a community,” Ralston said. “It has helped me succeed in class because when we have to do group things, I would shy away and not want to talk to anybody, but that really helped me to have the confidence to do that.”

Wheaton, IL sophomore Michael Dahle

“I am a part of three different gaming clubs— the Mount Pleasant Gaming Association, the Classic Game club and also the Smash club. They have really helped me meet more people that I would have otherwise,” Dahle said. “Last year, I wasn’t a part of any clubs and I didn’t meet anyone, but then when I joined all these clubs I found people with similar interests.”

Troy, MI freshman Maggie Crowell

“Now I’m involved in hall council, with my hall which is Beddow. I’m an RHA and I am in a sorority, so we do a whole bunch of stuff with the community and things like that,” Crowell said. “Being involved has kept me busy and helped me meet new people and just kept my mind active, it’s opened me up to all the different opportunities that Central has.”

Whether you’re interested in sports, gaming or looking to build your resume, there is a handful of clubs to choose from at CMU. There’s something for everyone.