PHOTO STORY: Students Share Their Favorite Quotes

Photos and Story by Aubry Healy

Words are a powerful means to our communication as human beings. They have the power to build us up and break us down in the same sentence. Over time, humankind has been able to save and document the quotes of some of the most inspirational leaders in the world. We all have words that mean something to us– whether they are from great leaders like Socrates or Gandhi, or our aunts and uncles.

We caught up with a handful of Central Michigan University students that shared some of their favorite quotes. Whether these words are inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest or just getting them through exam week, we celebrate their appreciation of the power of words.

Emilee Madison
Onanway senior majoring in Political Science
Midge Carter
Holland senior majoring in Integrative Public Relations
Jared Paugh
Southline freshman majoring in Finance
Sara Rann
St. Claire freshman majoring in Kinesiology
Essence Woodward
Detroit freshman majoring in Early Childhood Development
Amber Sadler
Ludington junior majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services
Travis Ogden
Midland senior majoring in Advertising
Vanessa Chambe
St. Claire Shores sophomore majoring in Dietetics
Josh Tanksley
Farmington Hills junior majoring in Computer Science
Jenna Keson
Ludington freshman majoring in Personal Finance Planning
Grant Taylor
Laningsburg junior majoring in Biology