Students Share Their Summer Plans

Story and photos by Clarissa Kell

Summer is approaching fast for Central Michigan University students. Preparing to leave and studying for finals, students’ stress is abundant on this campus. During the madness of the last week of classes, Grand Central asked students what they planned on doing before they returned in the fall.

Haley Hendricks, Midland sophomore

“This summer, I am working with CMU’s camps and conferences. So, I am going to live and work in the Towers this summer and I am also taking three classes. I am taking one the first half and two the second half.”

Rachel Corby, Frankenmuth junior

“A week from Monday (April 30), my online class starts at my community college and that will go until about the end of June. Then, I have two camping trips planned and hopefully I get to go and visit my friends.”

Leon Bell II, Flint junior

“I have a lot of places I plan on going. I plan on going to Florida for a wedding, Ohio to visit a cousin, San Diego for a graduation and then Seattle for Special Olympics. And then outside of that I am trying to do more stuff with Special Olympics. My cousin is in Special Olympics, participating in it, and I am going to be doing stuff with him, but I also want to see if I can volunteer too. Just to get more experience with Special Olympics.”

Lauren Sawle, Fenton junior

“My plans for the summer is to work at a local athletic center as a lifeguard and swim instructor.”

Elizabeth Roden, Midland sophomore

“My summer plan is, I will be doing research with snakes on Beaver Island.”

Matthew King, Mount Clemens junior

“Right away, Saturday I am leaving at 8 a.m. to go to New York through Alternative Breaks, with the LGBT topic. We are working at a, it’s like a gay men’s clinic and mentoring program through a church, which is something I am really excited to do. This is going to be my third Alternative Break and everyone is amazing and you meet a lot of cool people, so I am excited for that. Other than that, I plan on working each week about 40 hours and every weekend I am planning little trips, at least around the Michigan area— like going to stay with a friend for a weekend and just hanging out with them, catching up, spending time, just having fun. One weekend I am taking off on a Wednesday and will be going to Colorado to meet up with my old RA, Kevin, and that will be a fun trip. Another weekend, I will be taking a Friday off so I can leave Thursday night to go visit my cousin in Nashville and spend time with her.”