Mount Pleasant


SPOTLIGHT: Student with style

Central Michigan University student Alasdair Boyle discusses his own personal style, his inspirations and how he stays stylish in Mount Pleasant.

Skinny pants and a fresh pair of vans

The newest trend for men is common among college students. Get the scoop on how to follow this popular trend and all the items you need to complete your look.

Summer 2011 beauty guide

Not sure what products to use this summer? Elise gives you the best products to keep your summer 2011 stylish.

hot dogs

Buy a dog, save a dog

It was one of the first days of spring; students were out enjoying the weather playing basketball, riding their bikes, walking their dogs and…

Fashions of the past make a comeback

Miss your favorite styles of past decades? Don’t worry. All of the best past trends are finding their way back to 2011, and they’re better than ever.