There’s an App for That: 5 Apps that Will Help #TheCollegeStruggle

Whether or not we like to admit it, us college students all need a little help sometimes. These apps below, available on both Apple and Android devices, are here to help make college life a little easier. Whether you’re looking for a price cut or easy-to-make recipes, there’s an app for that.

If you’re balling on a budget, download Pocket Points

PocketPoints has been all the rage at Central Michigan University for a few years now, since it rewards you for not using your phone in class with discounts towards your favorite restaurants, shops, or even activities.

The app is free, so unlike Groupon, you don’t have to spend anything to receive coupons or even meals and products for free (if you’re diligent enough). The purpose is simple – be a good student, get a discount. It’s a win-win for you.

For beauty on a budget, download Ipsy

With Ipsy, you can expect to receive a personalized “glam bag” with five beauty samples in a stylish makeup bag delivered each month to your doorstep. The beauty products, ranging from cosmetics, hair and skin care are all selected based on an assessment you take once downloading the app. The real kicker? It’s only $10 a month. Seriously, no joke. Download it right now.

If you’re looking for playlists to fit every mood, download 8tracks.

There’s Pandora, there’s Spotify, but there isn’t anything quite like 8tracks. The app gives the downloader the ability listen to playlists, which are separated by tags pertaining to a mood, atmosphere or genre of music, or to create their own as well.

One of the best things about 8tracks is that it’s a haven for discovering new music, no matter what genre. With over 1 million playlists already on the app (with hundreds more being created each day), it’s virtually impossible to not love it.

For all your cooking needs, download BigOven

In college, quick, easy and cheap meals are practically essential to our being. BigOven fully supports that notion. With over 350,000 recipes to browse for all diets, the app can be a lifesaver if you have no idea what to cook want to experiment with new cuisines.

Whatever reason you use it for, you’ll soon discover there’s a reason that TIME magazine called it “One of the Best Apps” in 2009. And judging by the thousands of downloads every day, this statement still holds true.

To make your academic world easier, download Quizlet

Ever look at the syllabus for your class, see an exam scheduled for such and such date, and wonder how in the world you’re going to be able to study for it? Been there, done that.

Quizlet makes the whole studying job a lot easier and frankly, more enjoyable. Over a million flashcard sets for any given subject are already on the app, and if that somehow doesn’t work, then you always have the ability to create your own set through them. Imagine how many Pocket Points you can rack up just by using the app for an hour each week?