Three ways to wear your little black dress on Halloween

The question on most girls’ minds is, “What am I going to dress up as for Halloween?”

Most college students do not want to spend a ton of money on a Halloween costume that they will probably only wear once or twice. Some students get creative and make their own costumes, but not everyone is that crafty.

The solution? Creating simple costumes out of a classic piece almost every girl owns, a little black dress.

The first costume that comes to mind is a Halloween staple, the witch. Forget the green paint and warts — a little black dress is perfect for this. To give the costume some edge, pick a witch hat in a fun color. Or even choose a hat with sequins or a bow.

Senior Allie McKinley loves dressing up as a witch.

“It’s easy to make the costume my own,” she said. “I just add accessories that fit my style.”

Another simple little black dress costume is a black cat. Cat ears are cheap and easy to find, plus, drawing on cat whiskers is not difficult; all you need is black eyeliner and a mirror. Two easy steps, and you’ve got yourself a cute costume.

For those looking to be slightly more frightening this Halloween, transform your little black dress into a vampire costume. Becoming an undead creature is pretty simple, grab a pair of fangs and some red lipstick and you’re good to go!

Last, but not least (like you needed another reason to wear your favorite little black dress) a great thing about wearing a little black dress for Halloween is the fact that you can layer a cute jacket over it to add to your costume, and keep you warm during your chilly night out.