Beauty Subscription Box: Walmart Edition

Story and photos by Kylie Tharp

Beauty subscription boxes are a fun way to try out new products without a big price tag. The Walmart Beauty box is a free, seasonal box where you just have to pay a $5 shipping fee.

What’s great about this inexpensive box is when signing up, you preference what you would like to receive and enter in characteristics about yourself like hair color, skin tone and more.

In many of the boxes, Walmart also provides coupons for these products, so if you love them, you can purchase a full size at a Walmart location.

Some of my favorite items I’ve received in previous boxes are charcoal toothpaste, face masks, eye shadow, face wash and so much more.

I just got my summer box a few weeks ago, and this is an awesome box with a variety of products.

The first thing in the box is a Biore witch hazel pore cleansing strip. I have always wanted to try one of these pore strips, so I look forward to using it.

Next, a Dove fresh coconut dry shampoo. I have never tried Dove’s dry shampoo, so I will definitely give this a try and see if I like it.

For makeup, I received a Maybelline liquid eyeliner. I have received this product in a box a year or so ago and loved it, so I am looking forward to having a new one.

I also received a Bioderma micellar solution. I have heard a lot of really great things about this company, and I am glad I received something to try.

Lastly, I received a BIC Soleil Sensitive Razor. I definitely needed a new razor and this one looks like great quality, so I’m excited to give it a try.

The box also included little cards explaining each of the products and how to purchase a bigger size.

Overall, this box was a really great purchase with a lot of variety of products and brands. I will definitely use every item in this box at some point. I really enjoy receiving my Walmart beauty box every season for such an inexpensive price tag.