There’s More than just Designing Careers in the Fashion Industry

When someone says they are studying fashion, people automatically assume they want to be a fashion designer. Though fashion design is an amazing and creative career, there are a lot of careers in the fashion industry than one might think.

And, to celebrate this creative field, Grand Central is highlighting a list of other awesome career paths to pursue in the fashion industry.

Fashion Merchandising

This is another common career in the fashion industry, but not a lot of people really understand what the title entails. Fashion merchandising is more of the “business side” of fashion.

In this career, you can research runway trends or consumer trends, and you focus on what drives sales and consumer shopping habits.

Visual Merchandising

As the title might suggest, this is more of a hands on, creative outlet within the industry that doesn’t include making clothing.

This career allows you to create wall displays and directives, which are sent to stores for their window space, and design store layouts.

Visual merchandising really forces you to get in touch with your creative side, because sometimes you will have to make elaborate displays with undesirable material or a short amount of time.


Basically, if shopping is your strong suit, this is a career for you.

Sometimes the fashion industry requires a bit of math and structure, as opposed to creativity.

As a buyer, you will be introduced to different products, and pick what you like and don’t like for a company or boutique. You will also have to know various formulas to see if your inventory turnover and net sales are where they need to be.


Advertising is a big aspect of the fashion industry, and the need for advertisers is always growing.

When you see billboards or ads in magazines for your favorite brand, someone is behind it picking the idea to represent the brand. Whether it’s choosing the message or the location and outlet it will run, advertising has a big impact on consumers.

Fashion Writing 

Writing is not going out of style. Magazines have a long shelf life, and people still love to indulge in “Vogue.”

Writing for a fashion magazine or even “The New York Times” will mean covering fashion shows, interviewing people in the fashion industry and reviewing products.

Studying journalism is an added bonus, but fashion experience is helpful as well.


Digital media is growing like crazy, and photography is a good choice for those with an eye for design.

The pictures you see during fashion shows, in magazine spreads and on billboards are always taken by photographers who work in the fashion industry. This career really allows you to project your vision in collaboration with a designer or publication.

There are a lot of other careers in fashion, so do your research to find one that is perfect for you!