Central Student Urges for Solidarity with Ukraine

Story and interview by Anna Konen

Audio edits by Maddi Hill

Photos courtesy of Nadiya Borys

Listen to Nadiya’s Story here.

Nadiya Borys is a student at Central Michigan University, however, her biggest worry right now is not a bad grade or a late assignment.

Originally from Ukraine, Borys has been worried about the safety of her family and friends that are still in the country, since the attack on February 24th.  She has been taking huge steps here on campus to make a difference.

First Borys sent an email she sent to President Davies, seen below, pleading for support from her CMU community.

Nadiya urges her fellow students to do what they can, whether it be calling their representatives and urging for change or visiting the linked websites and activating for change in that way.

Below are the numbers that can be called with the following message to take part in making a change.

202-456-1111- The White House 

313-226-6020-Senator Gary Peters 

(If you’d like to leave your name you can) I am U.S. citizen and I am calling to urge the United State government to allow Ukrainian refugees into the United States.

In addition to phone calls, a peaceful march will be held in support of Ukraine at the Student Activity Center on Saturday, Mar. 26.