CMU Students Show Their Favorite V-Day Makeup Looks

Story and photos by Riley Connell

The holiday of love has come around once again. Whether you’re having a night in with the girls or a dinner date with that special someone, the perfect makeup look is sure to make Valentine’s Day a success.

Central Michigan University freshman Andrea Paladino likes to keep her look simple. This year, her and her boyfriend are taking it easy for V-Day and plan to chow down at Qdoba, which is the perfect date for her laid-back style.

Paladino added that she isn’t pressured to look a certain way on Valentine’s Day, but still wants to be photo ready. She sticks to pink and neutral tones preferring this over the classic red.

“I like a more natural kind of look; I kind of just do whatever I feel,” Paladino said.

Senior Logan Jones plans to spend her Valentine’s Day at the CMU Film Festival, but that doesn’t mean she won’t show up and show out with a great look.

Jones says that her mood about love each year has a lot to do with the kind of makeup she’ll wear.

“If I’m feeling grumpy about love I’ll put on my dark lipstick, but if I’m feeling soft about love I’m gonna go with the pinks,” Jones said.

To Jones, Valentine’s Day is more of a Hallmark holiday that pressures women into feeling like they need to hold themselves to a certain standard of beauty in order to participate.

Although it seems that Jones is pessimistic about the holiday, she says she still likes to enjoy Valentine’s Day, but her view eliminates the expectation to look a certain way.

“I think the true expression of love doesn’t need a day,” Jones said.

To freshman Erin Wiethoff, V-Day makeup can be a great way to make a good first impression, but if that isn’t the case she’ll play it safe.

“If I’m trying to impress someone I’ll definitely make it a more fun look, but if not it’s just casual,” Wiethoff said.

Wiethoff continues by saying she likes lighter pink colors and the occasional dark purple.

For Wiethoff, the Valentine’s makeup pressure is on if you’re starting a new relationship. If the relationship isn’t too fresh, she says she feels more pressured by the idea of what kind of gift to get your significant other.

“Natural is all good too, whatever makes anyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin,” Wiethoff said.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans may be, these CMU ladies have proved you can take it on with a great look that will make anyone fall in love.