Craft Beer of the Week: Left Hand Brewing Company’s Black Jack Porter

Returning to the lofty craft beer shelf in search of another flavorful delight, I once again stumbled upon a dark and delectable porter worthy of the attention of any person who appreciates beer.

Black Jack Porter, crafted by Colorado’s own Left Hand Brewing Company, is a fantastic dark beer worth trying when regular dark beers aren’t quite cutting it.

Following the company’s recommendation of pouring the beer out of its bottle into a pub glass, the porter has a rich dark color, making it almost undistinguishable from a glass of cola. If the brewery were to add carbonation to the bottle, it would resemble cola completely – and be equally as delicious.

Brewed with notes of dark chocolate, espresso and hops, Black Jack has a smooth smokey flavor as it goes down, with little to no aftertaste to throw off the mood.

The design of the porter’s label, created by Charles Bloom and designed by Moxie Sozo, is intricate and fascinating with a version of the typical “joker” you’d find in a deck of cards; playing off of their unique name.

With its 6.8 percent alcohol volume content and smooth taste, the beer can sneak up on you quickly, so keep that in mind and remember to enjoy this delicious dark concoction responsibly.