Craft Beer of the Week: Old Leghumper

Normally, when the family dog peruses through a crowd of house guests at a party and starts going to town on someone’s leg, it ends in one of two ways: Revolt or laughter.

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, however, has a special brew that embraces this party foul in a tasty way.

Like many other brews in the Thirsty Dog collection, Old Leghumper is easily recognizable; not only for its whimsical name, but also for its humorous label art.

Name and label aside – this porter is quite good.

This beer is a deliciously dark porter with a strong and robust flavor that any beer connoisseur is sure to enjoy.

Its smooth malty flavor and 5.8 percent alcohol content makes the Old Leghumper a porter exceptional enough to stand up against any other.

With only the faintest aftertaste of bitterness, this porter is sure to be a favorite of anyone who enjoys craft beer.