Winter Looks: Nails That Never Fail

With winter upon us, we are forced to bundle up – giving us little opportunity to express our unique style.

One way you can always make a style statement, no matter what the season is with fabulous nails.

To prep your nails, make sure to take any existing color off completely with nail polish remover. Leaving even a tiny spot will make that nail look different from the others. Cut and file your nails to the style or shape you like best – whether that is square, round or almond. To keep your nails looking their best, apply cuticle oil or Vitamin E. It will keep the cuticle soft and smooth, helping to prevent hangnails and making the skin look healthier.

If you have a buffer with you, scrape it along the face of your nails. This will smooth them out and make the process of applying the polish smoother.

Now that the easy part is done, it’s time to choose a nail color.

For those who opt for more neutral colors, try to amp it up from your usual routine. If your go-to is black, try a dark grey for a similarly sophisticated look. For those who like white, make it more “winter friendly” by finding a milky white (OPI has a perfect color). A matte topcoat found at a drugstore will also suffice, like Matte about You by Essie.

If you like standout nails, it’s okay to pile on the glitter. A shimmery topcoat will make you feel like a new woman when put on top of a neutral color.

If glitter on every nail is not your desired look, try painting your nails one color and simply adding the glitter to an accent nail on each side. This is usually your ring finger, but it can be any nail you choose.

For something spunky, but not over the top, choose a metallic color. Colors like silver, gold and shimmery brown are perfect ways to brighten up your nails.

The best colors for winter are bold. Deep purples, reds and pinks are perfect to accent any style. Olive green and a dark orange are great colors for an edgy look. Brown and burgundy have been a top trend this season, spotted on the red carpet multiple times. They’re the perfect blend of dark and sophisticated to take you from day to night.

If you’re looking for good nail polish, check out Target or Walmart, as they have popular brands, like Essie and OPI, for a reasonable price. Online you can find great deals like the Essie Winter Collection or the Butter London Topcoat Collection.

(Image | Courtesy of Polyvore)