Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break 2015

An increasing amount of Chippewas are about to make their way to a tropical location for a week or so, trading the snow and cold for sun and sand.

From palm trees to sandy beaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the bliss – so make sure to keep in mind these do’s and don’ts of spring break.


1. Get to the beach no later than 10 a.m.

You only have limited time to soak up the sun, which probably won’t be around when you come back to school – so make the best of it.

2. Swim in the ocean.

It might petrify you, but overcome it. It’s not every weekend you get to swim in the Pacific Ocean or walk on the Gulf Coast.

3. Remember to keep your hotel’s wristband on.

If you lose it, you’re going to have to replace it – or worse, get locked out of the hotel.

4. Bring groceries.

Shopping for some easy-to-eat meals saves time and money for a week-long break that is probably already taking a lot of money to finance.

5. Have a few pairs of shades.

It’s easy to misplace small things, like sunglasses, in the chaotic atmosphere that is spring break. Make sure you bring a few cheap pairs just in case.

6. Pack sunblock and aloe.

Your enemy is the sun and your weapons are SPF and aloe. If you end up with a sunburn (which we hope you don’t), you’ll need aloe – and a lot of it.

7. Eat seafood at least once.

Not many times at Central Michigan University are you going to find the fresh seafood that tropical locations have to offer, so take advantage of it.

8. Talk to other college students.

Networking can never hurt. You never know who you could meet, even on spring break, that could be a future connection.

Do not…

1. Wander off.

We’ve all seen in movies how busy and packed spring break beaches can be. If you get separated from your friends, chances are you won’t be able to find them for a long time.

2. Get too rowdy.

Pace is key to finishing any race, and you want to finish your spring break as strong as you started it.

3. Use your friend’s license.

The bouncers are paid to be able to spot who you are, what age you are and what you look like. Long story short, they’ll be able to call you out if you’re not looking like your best friend’s ID picture.

4. Act invincible to bouncers.

They are the invincible ones and you will get thrown out, tough guy.

5. Pack too much.

Swimsuits and some night clothes is all a Chippewa really needs to fire up during spring break.

6. Take too much time to get ready.

Don’t waste your valuable time in a tropical place indoors doing your hair and makeup – get out there and enjoy the sun.

7. Fall in love.

Unless you both go to the same college, you will likely only experience the false hope of seeing that person again.