Students Get Real About Inner and Outer Beauty

Story by Morgan Wood
Photo by Devon Rademacher

Standards, ideals and conceptions of beauty are ever-changing. In a society that praises physical perfection, we often fail to recognize that beauty isn’t limited to one, specifically defined definition.

We reached out to Central Michigan University students, (and a local middle school student), to discover what makes them beautiful, what makes others beautiful and how those struggling with beauty can find it within themselves.

 What makes you beautiful?

“I don’t care what people think. I express myself, and don’t follow crowds. I’m okay with who I am.”
Morgan Maggini, 19, Grand Rapids

“My eyes and personality.”
Keisha Keaton, 19, Phoenix, AZ

“My ability to build others up, and make them feel better.”
Brooke, 22, Hancock, MI

“Helping others at school.”
Kamryn, 12, Mount Pleasant

What makes others beautiful?

“A great personality – [someone who is] funny, kind and loving.”
Morgan Maggini

“All of their parts-flaws and strengths- coming together.”
Keisha Keaton

“Their personality.”

“Someone who sees the goodness of people on the inside.”

Advice to those struggling with beauty

“Try to be confident – experiment with makeup, fashion, and new activities.”

“Do your best.”

“It takes time to recognize, but even if you don’t, others will.”

“Do something that makes you feel confident.”

As cliché as it sounds, beauty does exist outside of your physical presence.  People notice your natural glow when you laugh, the way you care for others and the pure goodness in your heart.  Beauty doesn’t require qualifications. We all possess it in our own, unique way.

And if in case you haven’t been told today, you’re beautiful.