GC’s Guide to DIY Halloween Costumes

Story by Morgan Wood
Photos by Anne Langan

Halloween weekend is almost upon us, fellow Chips, and if costume planning still isn’t on your agenda, then it’s time to prioritize. After all, halloween at Central Michigan University is a three day affair.

This halloween at Grand Central, we’re upping our creativity game, and leaving the stereotypical kitten, Minnie Mouse and cop costumes behind. Instead, we’re sticking to one dress and creating three different looks.

While any tan dress can be a contender for these costumes, we found this lovely faux suede shift dress here.

Aka, the perfect excuse to wear your faux fur vest.

To create the costume, layer the vest over the dress and pair with suede lace up sandals for a jungle-like vibe.

Keep the costume simple and create intricate details with makeup. Think shades of shimmery brown on the eyes, bronzer for complexion, winged eyeliner for drama, a black circle on your nose and a black lip color lining your upper lip.

Finally, top off the look with tousled and teased curls. For inspiration, we recommend this hair and makeup tutorial.055a9740

Trade the vest for a faux fur scarf and add a pair of pointed ears for a mischievous look.

Since it may be difficult to find foxlike ears in store, we recommend consulting this DIY tutorial, however, if you need to improvise, style the top layer of your hair in two small buns and leave the rest down.

055a9753For makeup, shade the upper portion of the face with a tan, bronzy tone. Shade the lower part of the face with a white powder, and add small dots on both sides of the nose.

Trace the upper lip with a thin black line, and create a black triangle at the tip of the nose. Think shades of grey for a smoky eye, and slightly overdraw the tops of the brows. We adore this makeup tutorial.


Finally, pull the hair back in a sleek low bun to accentuate the makeup and facial features, and complete the look with a pair of peep toe booties.

If you want to be creative, swap the typical scarecrow overalls for your suede dress to give the scarecrow an update.

Layer a flannel over the dress and roll the sleeves. Tie a red bandana around your neck, and place a sunflower in the pocket of the dress, or near the collar of the shirt. A small straw hat is a great complementary accessory.

Complete the costume with a pair of cowboy boots (we improvised with lace up sandals).
To tie everything together, ensure that your makeup imitates stitching, extending outward from both sides of the lips, and a small stitched triangular patch on the nose. Also, don’t forget to add a peachy colored circle on the apple of each cheek. For an extra pop of color, apply a subtle shade of orange lipstick.

Braid hair in pigtails, or create soft curls to finish the look. We suggest this quick and easy tutorial.

055a9764For extra points, coordinate the DIY lion and scarecrow costumes with your friends for a Wizard of Oz-inspired halloween. Happy costuming!