International Café: Events to Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Story by Camille Wachholz
Feature Photo via Flickr

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage month, and student organizations have begun putting on several events to raise awareness and help students learn about the culture.

The Asian Cultural Society put on an International Café on Thursday, March 23. The event was held in Herrig Hall and featured a menu of teas, Taiwanese lemonade, onigiri, curry, kimbap, pork dumplings, spring rolls, egg drop soup, cream cheese Oreo balls, Japanese cheesecake and hotteok. For those who are unfamiliar:

Onigiri: White rice ball wrapped in seaweed

Kimbap: Similar to sushi, but with different fillings. Kimbap never contains raw fish. Instead, it often has ham, carrots and spinach, but it could contain anything (like leftovers).

Hotteok: Korean pancake with sweet filling

Japanese cheesecake: Contrary to typical American cheesecake, Japanese cheesecake is lighter, fluffier and served hot.

The event featured Korean pop music and Chinese lantern table decorations. Volunteers from the Asian Cultural Society took students’ orders to a small kitchen area set up outside, where food and drinks were made. They graciously answered any questions and recommended their favorite dishes. The event was free, but donations were accepted.

Since the semester ends in early May, most organizations hold Asian-Pacific Heritage Month events early, and a there are a few left this semester.

Wednesday, April 5
“Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Food Taster”
4-7 p.m.
Bovee UC Terrace A-D
RSVP via OrgSync, $5 Students, $7 General Public

Thursday, April 6
“Extreme Cuisine”
7 p.m.
Kulhavi 141/142
Sponsored by the Asian Cultural Organization

Wednesday, April 12
“Soup and Substance: Asian Pacific Heritage Month”
12-1 p.m.
Bovee UC Terrace A-D