Keep Hair Healthy While on Vacation

Spring break is the time we have to forget about midterms and unwind. Those of us who treat our hair like our first born, may have some worries during our worry-free time on break. During vacation, it is common that our hair is victimized by the sun and the ocean’s damaging aspects.

However, we have compiled some tips for you spring breakers on how to keep your hair healthy on vacation.

Pre-Vacay Hair Prep

Prepare your hair by getting a trim before you depart. This is basically setting yourself up for success during your trip by giving your hair a healthy boost.

Besides, it always feels nice to give yourself a relaxing day at the hair salon before your vacation even begins.

Protective Products

Invest in some Moroccan oil or Argan oil. This magical oil leaves your coarse and beachy hair feeling silky and manageable. This product also prevents dry ends, which you’re especially prone to in the sun.

You can find this oil at your local drugstore or salon at reasonable prices. You also have the option of buying this oil in forms of shampoo, conditioner and even hair masks.

Another product that may be a good investment prior to break is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a spray or powder based product that absorbs excess oils in your hair and leaves your locks smelling freshly washed.

This product is perfect for the days when you return to the hotel after a long day at the beach with only 30 minutes to get ready before leaving for dinner. Instead of washing your hair yet again and using multiple heated products on it, simply spray some dry shampoo in your hair and you’re set!

Lower the Temps

This next step may be a bit abrasive to some, however, with all the heat being forced upon your hair in the sunshine, your hair craves cool, exfoliating sensations.

On vacation, some people like to keep a chilled spray bottle near to spray in their hair in-between swims. Cool water will simmer down the heat on your head while exfoliating  your scalp, ultimately igniting hair growth. You may just return from break with a long, healthy mane.

Say “Hey” to Hats!

Take advantage of sun hat season and make the purchase!

Not only are they in style and completely adorable, they also protect your hair from the sun’s beaming rays. You can wear a sun hat on the beach or pair it with your favorite sundress for a daytime excursion.

Leave the Hot Tools at Home

Finally, let’s keep it simple. Since you’re treating yourself to a vacation, be kind and give your locks a vacation too – ditch the hot tools.

Bust out the hair tie and pin hair up for a night. Another option is to learn to love your natural waves and curls. Humid, wavy, beach weather may even give your hair a new and playful touch.