Michigan brewing companies offer wide variety of seasonal drinks

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Any beer connoisseur knows; with the change of season comes the seasonal brews. Living in Michigan, we are at an advantage when it comes to the majority of micro-brews available to us, with just a few being Bell’s in Kalamazoo, New Holland Brewing in Holland, Arcadia Ales in Battle Creek, North Peak Brewing of Traverse City and locally-owned Mount Pleasant Brewing Co.

On my Michigan-made brew tasting adventure, I found it best to buy all of my top five picks at once and then review them with a group of my friends that night within the comforts of my own apartment. Overall, winter-seasonal beers tend to be more malty in flavor and dark in color. The above beers have been found to be the most anticipated each winter from our Michigan breweries.

*To maximize full tasting experience; pour the beer with at least a half inch of foam head to take in the full aroma and taste of the brewing recipe.