On Accepting Your Hair’s Natural State

Natural hair is something that was once foreign to me, but now I’ve accepted my natural locks.

Growing up with a thick, African American texture, I felt conflicted and blinded by the hair standards of society. I constantly saw women with the perfect straight flow and it was difficult because my hair didn’t play that way. Not only was my hair different, but also difficult to manage.

In order to fit in with the trends and society, I turned to a relaxer which is a perm that chemically straightens ones hair. I am not against those who use relaxers, because it is an alternative way to manage hair but I used a relaxer for the wrong reasons. Those reasons were the acceptance of others.

After seven years of relaxing my hair, I had an epiphany due to the exhaustion of the weekly straightenings and monthly chemicals treatments.

Why should I damage my hair in order to create something that my hair was not?

With two years under my belt of natural hair, not only is my hair healthier, but also more beautiful and full of life.

Instead of turning to perms, straighteners and heat. I challenge you to embrace the natural element upon your head. To begin, here are some of the steps that got me through the challenge.

Our beauty comes with a specific price, however the investment is worth it. This is a simple guide and reminder to fall back in love and embrace your natural beauty.


For starters, in order to embrace your hair you must accept the texture. It is difficult because we live in a society that strongly influences us to drop our curly characteristics in order to gain the perfect sleek locks.

Society might influence our thinking, however we are part of society and it is a time to stand against the stigma and embrace the natural beauty we were given.

If you haven’t heard, model Maria Borges made Victoria Secret hair history by stepping onto the catwalk displaying her short, natural curls for the first time ever. Be influenced by Maria’s self-acceptance not only because she made hair history but she enhances the encouragement of those who are hesitant of their natural locks.

Do your Homework

In order to manage we must do our research and experiment with products that will put our texture on a pedestal.

A helpful way to aid in this step is to ask your beautician, who not only knows your hair but which products that suits it best.

If you don’t have a beautician, there is a lovely thing called the internet. From tutorials to blogs, there is an abundance of information and guidance from people who support the natural movement.

Three great guiding blogs and tutorials include:

Taren Guy: Focuses on the transition from chemical straightening to embracing her natural curls.

Natural Chica: Encourages the journey of enjoying life naturally!

Mohagony Curls : YouTube tutorials that focus on embracing the natural texture.


When you start to practice natural styles, it might be frustrating at first.

The first couple of months were the hardest because it was a period of adjustment and finding my signature style. (Bobby pins are crucial during this stage so stock up!) It takes time and effort to get in the habit of nurturing your hair, but trust me it’s worth it in the end.

Short and Sweet

This category is one of the scariest subjects to talk about, but it allows for a refreshing start. When it comes to going natural there is the bold option – the big chop.

The chop will get rid of the weighted artificial ends, leaving hair feeling healthy. If the short length bothers you then you can still grow out the straight texture and participate in monthly trims. However,  you should remember that beauty should not be defined by your hair length.

If you are still worried about hair length, think – What Would Marie Borges Do?

Answer: She would tell you to strut down the catwalk and own your natural beauty!