One City, One World: Florence Fashion Trend

Story and photos by Krystal Black 

As the so-called birthplace of the Renaissance period, Florence, Italy is no stranger to the fashion game. Housing major offices for fashion empires like Prada, Armani, Chanel, Emilio Pucci and more, this Italian city is unlike any other in the fashion industry.

Aside from being a main stage for big-time fashion brands known throughout the world, Florence sees millions of tourists each year. From California to China, Thailand to Tennessee, and practically everywhere else in the world, people bring their own unique styles to this ancient city.

This fashion empire is split at the river, the Arno, that runs through it. On one side of the Arno is the city center where you can find a swarm of tourists on the major shopping streets like Via de’ Tornabuoni and Via Roma. The other side of the river is where most of the actual Florentines live. This split is key when understanding just how unique Florence’s fashion scene truly is.

True Florentine fashion is simple, comfortable and of course, trendy.  Sundresses, long skirts, small white tennis shoes, pastel colors, scarves and other accessories can be seen on any Florentine woman. Florentine men tend to wear black jeans/pants, collared shirts, sports jackets, watches and some type of leather shoe. Leather, in general, is extremely popular here and can be found on virtually every street corner.

Moving forward, the fashion worn on the tourist side is less predictable. In one day you might see an all-denim outfit, platform New Balance sneakers, ripped bell bottom pants, graphic t-shirts featuring the names of other popular cities, and couples in matching outfits. Of course, comfortable dresses for women and shorts for men are common staple pieces during the hot part of the tourist season.

Overall, Florence’s fashion industry is one like any other in this world. With inspiration from the best brands in the industry to street style from any given place in the world, there is always new fashion to be seen.