People of Central – Cece Steck

Story by Kiyanna Johnson

Photo by Hayley Seibel

Among the students on Central Michigan University’s campus, the athletes are a particular group that work toward diligent time management.  This includes routines of waking up for practice, going to classes and having tutoring sessions.  After all that, they also have to schedule some amount of sleep in there as well.

Freshman Cece Steck was born in Palos Heights, Illinois and has trained to be a track and field athlete most of her high school career. From transitioning to various places such as New York and Novi, Michigan, teamwork became the most important thing to her.

Currently, CMU’s track and field team has shown her encouragement and drive within this school year.

“Since my position is a thrower, it can be incredibly technical. Coach watches every throw, but we respect each other and give a lot of encouragement. It just reminds me that I’m part of a bigger team.”

Stecks juggles classwork, practice and sleep, but to her, it’s no hassle. She said that she couldn’t see herself in any other organization on campus because being a track and field thrower is home to her.

“This is like my organization in a way and I appreciate the amount of respect we have for one another,” Steck said.

With the contrast between high school and college work, Steck finds it easier to manage in college. As an athlete, she was required to turn in study logs her first semester. It was a method that helped her stay on schedule.

Since Steck is majoring in exercise science with health fitness, it was a great way to keep her grades up. She advises to any upcoming athletes to be patient and take things step by step. 

“The greatest thing about college is that one semester can be a complete 180. It’s like a clean slate. If you are having a challenging semester, know that the next one can be 10 times better.”