People of Central – Megan Argenta

Story by Anna Konen

Photo by Hayley Seibel

Central Michigan University junior Megan Argenta major is hospitality management and minor is leadership. Argenta is involved in the society of women in business, is a resident fitness instructor, as well as the historian and social media representative for the student organization ‘A Letter for Better’. This particular role has helped to grow her love for social media. 

“I have loved having a role where I am able to find creative ways to promote meetings and events and recognize the members,” she said.

Although social media is not Argenta’s major, she finds the importance of social media in her life and the real world. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram.

“I find out what new coffee shops and restaurants to try out by looking them up on social media.”

Social media is an incredible tool in many aspects, when used in the right and empowering way. Argenta believes that as a society we are fortunate to live in a digital age in which so much information is at our fingertips.

“With wanting to go into hotel management and hopefully owning hotels, I think social media presence is really important and when a company doesn’t have it, it is very detrimental,” Argenta said.

She recognizes that although many people may say social media has decreased our interpersonal skills, Argenta argues that social media is an outlet, rather than a substitute, to in-person conversations. 

 “We are in the weirdest age of seeing all of our friends from high school and middle school getting engaged and the rest of their lives; something that could never really been done before,” Argenta said.

She speaks of the role social media plays in her life and how it serves multiple purposes to decompress after a long day or to hear about friends’ experiences.  

The importance of social media in our world today is very real and the use of it is powerful.

“The different outlets are so versatile and they allow me to express all the different parts of myself and see the same from others.”