Promoting a Green Life in Style

The social movement of “going green” has taken over!

Many of us have seen advertisements promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but it seems there is a lack of instruction on how to incorporate it into every day life, resulting in unchanged behaviors.

Going green does not mean cutting out the latest fads, but simply altering a few behavioral choices to show the earth some love.

Creating and enjoying a sustainable lifestyle is simpler than you may think – with benefits for you, the environment and your wallet (And what’s better than that!?)

Thrift Shopping

Let’s state the obvious – college means living on a tight budget usually. Shopping at a thrift store is one of the many ways a college student can save themselves some cash.

Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be walking out the store with more items than you would shopping at a high-end retail store.

Don’t worry, your wardrobe will not take a loss – thrift stores carry name brand clothing, modern and vintage apparel. No matter your personal style, you will surely collect an array of new items for your closet. Plus, you can stroll around campus without seeing anyone in the exact same outfit.

Going green will never have looked so good!

Reusable Bags

How many times have you found yourself walking into a store and throwing items into your shopping cart that you didn’t need? Probably, all the time.

Purchasing a reusable bag helps reduce the habit of picking up unnecessary items and helps you stick to your grocery list. Not to mention, the incredible discounts you can receive by bringing in your own reusable bag. (Just another way to save some cash).

Different companies who manufacture totes have found a way to make reusable bags more stylish and appealing. With a variety of different sizes, colors, patterns and designs, you’ll question why you ever carried that plain plastic bag around.

Reusable Coffee Cups

There are endless perks when it comes to buying your own reusable cup. First thing you should keep in mind is that instead of paying for the paper cup, you are now solely paying for the product itself.

Additionally, reusable cups are typically made from stainless steel, keeping your coffee fresher and hotter for a longer period of time. Not only can you enjoy that fresh taste longer, but you can also do it in style.

Enjoy each sip knowing you have the same coffee at a cheaper and more eco-friendly cost.