Protect Your Hair from Damaging Heat

A long and luscious head of hair is something many girls dream of. We envy those that can style their hair to perfection, and pin an abundance of the beautiful ‘dos to our Pinterest boards.

The styles are full and voluminous, but unfortunately, very hard work.

The core principle in achieving angelic hair is keeping it healthy and hydrated. In saying that, one of the worst things you can do is put your hair through the ringer with high amounts of heat day after day.

Although we don’t want to believe it, styling hair with scorching hot tools can cause long-term harm to your hair. Breakage and damage may cause your hair to take years to grow as little as a few short inches.

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are many easy ways to prevent and repair heat-damaged hair.

Here are some approaches you can use to keep that heat off your hair, while still achieving beautifully styled locks.

Au Naturale

One way to begin styling your hair heat-free is embracing the natural textures of your hair. Though hair in its natural state can be unruly, there are ways to supplement your natural look and make it manageable.

Many drugstores sell mousse and serums to support your hair (with awesome scents!) whether it’s naturally curly, pin-straight or anything in between.

Once you find the perfect product, embrace and rock your natural hair that is protected and smells delicious.

Do It Up

Another way to keep heat off your hair is with the up-do.

When you have a little bit of free time, pull up a chair in front of you mirror and mess around with your hair for a bit.

This will allow you to master the up-do that is perfect for you. Once you end up finding a ponytail, bun or braid that you adore, it will be a quick, convenient way to get glam for class or a study date at the lib.

Pre-Heat Product

It is obvious that us girls can’t completely eliminate heat from our hair styling process, however, it is important to add some protection into the mix.

Before you pick up the wand, apply a heat protector to your locks. Spray or gel on these magical products that protect your styling tool from frying your hair.

Heat protection helps specifically with heated styling tools, however, any sort of product you apply prior to using hot tools will help protect your mane from the wrath of the heat.

Check out the many products that help with heat for the sake of keeping your hair healthy.

Hair Hydration

Although we sometimes try our best to defend our hair from the heat, dead ends are a sad reality. Most people get a trim every few months to repair the splits and achieve healthy locks.

Between cuts, use conditioning treatments and moisturizers that you can either purchase at the store or make on your own to moisturize dead ends.

These treatments will solve your dead end dilemma and make your hair feel as good as new.