Puppy Palooza “Retrieves” Student Crowd

Story by Krystal Black
Photos by Clarissa Kell

On Friday, March 25, a group from the Planning Recreation Programs and Events (RPL 430) class held the first Puppy Palooza.

There have been other events around campus including the therapy dogs with Mount Pleasant’s Humane Society, but none were as popular as this event which featured food, games, raffles, therapy dogs and a chance to take a polaroid with a puppy.

Central Michigan University student poses with a puppy for the Polaroid with a pup at the Puppy Palooza event, Kulhavi Hall, March 24, 2017.

Sophomore Erica Statly, coordinated the event along with other group members.

“We chose the Humane Animal Treatment right here in Mount Pleasant because we all love dogs, and this way the money goes to a larger cause,” Statly said. “The main thing that I hope people get out of this event is to have fun while supporting a local cause, I mean who doesn’t love dogs?”

The event attracted more than 200 people and had two lines out the door throughout the two-hour event. People could not wait to get their hands on a dog.

Sophomore Amanda Pisoni, said that the line was long but worth it once she got to see the dogs.

“Getting to hold a puppy and take a polaroid with it was by far the best part of the whole event,” Pisoni said. “I wish that there were more dogs, but I will definitely come back next year.”

Puppy looks around the packed room during the Puppy Palooza event, Kulhavi Hall, March 24, 2017.

The dogs featured at the event were certified therapy dogs provided by the company Dog Tales. Dogs have to be at least one year of age to be certified as a therapy dog, according to the director of Dog Tales, Betty Lewis.

“We know what it is like to have stress and to feel stressed, so bringing the dogs onto campus at an event like this is a great way for students to relieve some stress,” Lewis said. “It’s great to see people smile; every visit is a new experience, and the special moment the people have petting the dogs is all worth it.”