RSO Spotlight: Kappa Delta Pi Education Fraternity

Story and photos by Alayna Fiel

Kappa Delta Pi is a registered student organization (RSO) here at Central Michigan University and is one of the 625 active chapters around the world. The Co-Ed fraternity, also known as KDP, consists of both students and professionals. KDP is focused on developing its member’s professional and personal growth, building supportive networks, and strives to improve the community at CMU in the education field.

Founded in 1911, the fraternity’s goal for over a century is to inspire teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges in hopes to advance overall education quality and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.

Since its inception, Kappa Delta Pi has held the belief students are the key to our future, and fostering education is the greatest investment a community can make. This is the vision that unites all nation-wide members of KDP towards a common goal.

CMU junior and Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi, Katie Fisher expressed details of the organization, how to become involved, and what it has been like trying to recruit new members during a global pandemic.

“What’s cool about KDP, especially at CMU, it’s pretty much entirely run by students at the local level–at the national level we have presidents, an education board, and a lot of opportunities and resources that come from them,” Fisher said. “KDP gives people going into education opportunities to further their education while surrounding themselves with like-minded people.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have felt the deprivation of their education and social lives; KDP has made it a priority to keep their members active and involved.

“Students may feel cheated in the classroom right now like their education is getting a little stifled,” Fisher said. “I think having an organization like KDP kinda gives them a leg up or just more ways to educate themselves, and more ways to further their learning in a time of COVID.”


To keep events up and going, KDP regularly reflects and revisits who they are and how to stay responsive to the current environment. This includes hosting safe in-person events, presentations via Webex/Zoom, guest speakers and has many opportunities and resources shared through their national chapter.

The fraternity does not have a typical Greek Life feel to it as you can become an Honorary member, which allows full access to the group without paying dues, attending all meetings, and you can do it on your own time. This allows room for flexibility and gives students an option to feel it out before diving in.

If KDP feels like the right organization for you, Honorary members can go forth with their dues and responsibilities to any level at which they are capable of doing. There are three levels of membership: Kappa, Kappa Delta, and Kappa Delta Pi. To receive cords at graduation students must be a full-time Kappa Delta Pi member.

Former chair member and KDP alumni Zach Bates shares his three years of experience with the Co-Ed fraternity.

“As a teacher going into the field, if I had only done CMU’s basic education program, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as prepared going into the classroom,” said Bates. “I learned and experienced a lot with KDP that I wouldn’t have really gotten anywhere else.”

KDP is an organization where developing education leaders are empowering each other to advocate for the best interest of students and the teaching profession to ensure students are globally aware, socially responsible, resilient, and able to solve problems in an equitable way. This life-long membership provides a network of support throughout students’ entire careers and helps the next generation of educators find their voice.



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