Seven things to do during spring break

As daylight savings alerts us that spring is approaching, Central Michigan is time away from classes and exams for spring break. This is what college students anticipate, a break, but there are some that get home and think, “well, what do I do now?” If you have already had that thought, here are a few fun activities to do with the rest of spring break.


School can be overwhelming and stressful at times, which may take a toll on you physically and mentally. Fill up your bath tub with hot water, pour in bubbles, light candles and concentrate on how good it feels to just relax.


Pick a favorite place to visit, invite friends, and just drive. Spring break is a perfect time to take a trip and get away.

“Me and my friends are driving to Georgia,” senior Deja Sammons said. “We figured it would be a fun thing to do over break; ride for hours with laughs, music, and my friends.”


Classes might have burnt some students out in regards to reading, but spring break is a time to read for pleasure. There might be a new sci-fi novel, magazine, book of poetry or website that has been overlooked in order to finish homework and this is the time to indulge.


Call up your closest friends, maybe the ones that you have not seen very often since you have been in school, and make a day of watching movies. Tell each friend to bring their favorite movie and with no school the next day, an all-nighter is a must. Make sure there are snacks and maybe even some wine.


Unfortunately some professors have no sympathy and they assign homework. Finish the homework during the first few days so that the rest of the break can be worry-free.

“I usually do my homework at the beginning of spring break so that I can spend the rest of my break partying, relaxing and not worrying about any work,” senior Dashanae Dozier said.


Live music, both in a concert hall or at a small venue, gets the blood pumping and ready to dance or at least move. Check out when musicians such as Kavazabava or Icon For Hire are performing close to you and get a night of entertainment with family or friends.


Dedicating a majority of your time to school does not leave much time to try anything new. Research the area you will be spending spring break in and find new businesses or organizations that have moved in. There may be a new club or bar, someone who is giving guitar lessons or a cooking class that sounds interesting.