Students prefer stylish backpacks instead of shoulder bags

As students navigate through campus, one can observe an array of school bags.

Backpacks have become a traditional symbol of education. From pre-kindergarten to graduate school, most students choose a standard backpack.

In the past, backpacks were commonly made from polyester or nylon. Unless they featured cartoon characters, backpacks often lacked their own character.

However, backpacks can now be found in a variety of colors, patterns and can be found made from many different materials.

Not only do students use backpacks, but bags are also becoming a popular way to carry your books.

Erin Robinson, a senior from Hesperia, said she prefers a comfortable backpack over a bag.

“I have a really bad back, so using a backpack distributes the weight better and doesn’t put so much pressure on my back and shoulders,” she said.

Cami Kitchen, a sophomore from Brooklyn, can attest to the comfort of backpacks.

“I use a backpack because I usually have a heavier load with books and my laptop, and it feels so much better on my back,” Kitchen said.

Tote bags are also popular styles of bags, but they do not provide nearly as much back and shoulder support.

“Last year I used a tote, and my back always hurt,” Kitchen said.

Kitchen’s back pain was a result of the weight of her tote bag resting on one shoulder.

Carrying a bag on one shoulder can overdevelop the muscles near the upper back of the other side; overexertion of that side can be the cause of the back and shoulder pain felt after carrying a tote back for an extended period of time.

Thus, though backpacks have the ability to distribute weight evenly, it is important to always use both straps.

If you prefer to carry a backpack, you may not have much trouble searching for one you like.

Canvas backpacks are one popular style of backpack and are available in great colors and patterns.

Morgan Sanborn, a freshman from Brooklyn, got her pink and blue striped canvas backpack from Aeropostale.

Try Aeropostale if you are in the market for a new backpack. American Eagle and Urban Outfitters also have great selections of backpacks.

However, don’t hesitate to be adventure while searching for a backpack that suits you.

Tate VerDuin, a sophomore from Grand Haven, found a backpack made from recycled materials on Amazon.

“I carry a backpack made from recycled rice bags, because it’s more green,” VerDuin said.

VerDuin said the bag is less expensive to be made. Thus, these bags may be appealing to those who are looking to go green and save money.

“They are all different, but made the same way and from the same stuff,” VerDuin said.

You can find a backpack like VerDuin’s by searching “Jute Rice Backpack” on Amazon.