The Beauty of Collaboration: A Designing Duo Talks Threads

Story & Photos by Devon Rademacher

For Lizzie Van Alst and Cassie Wentela, Threads Fashion Show isn’t just a way to show of their design talents. It’s been a chance for their friendship to bloom.

Central Michigan University hosts the annual Threads Fashion Show, where student designers and models show off their hard work.

The juniors and fashion majors knew they were going to work together their first year at CMU.

The design team writing down measurements of their look

“I think when we found out we’re such good friends, and how well we work together, then we were like ‘you know what? Let’s do Threads together,'” said Wentela.

Cadillac junior Lizzie Van Alst waits for her model to come out of the fitting room

Of course, the pair says there are pros and cons to working with someone instead of designing alone.

“I’m always like ‘more boob’, and you’re always like ‘hmm,'” said Wentela, laughing with Van Alst.

The pair say they have been brainstorming their clothing ideas since last spring.

“Revival of Individuality” is the name of the clean and simple collection.

Van Alst said the white represents new beginnings, and the dyed fabric represents individualism.

“Because our fabric is unique to us,” Van Alst said.

The dye was done by hand.

All together, they say they’ve put in more than two and a half months constructing the five item collection.

“I want the girl who wears this to feel like a boss,” Van Alst said.

“A boss ass bitch!” Wentela said.

Constantine junior Cassie Wentela taking in fabric on a dyed maxi dress

See Wentela and Van Alst’s collection in action at the Threads Fashion Show, April 22 at 7 pm in the Finch Fieldhouse.


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