Top 10: Mount Pleasant Townie Hot Spots

At Central Michigan University, I’m considered a townie.

Growing up in Mount Pleasant for the past 19 years, I have learned all the ins and outs, including the best places to hang out, grab a bite to eat and just kick back with friends.

1. Doozies Ice Cream Place

Doozies is a locally owned ice cream shop with more than 40 different options of goodies to put in their Arctic Swirls, soft serve and hard ice creams. From the first bite, you can tell this isn’t just your typical ice cream shop – they put love in every scoop. As someone who has gone to Doozies for the past 19 years, I can honestly say the other ice cream shops just don’t match up.

2. Stanley’s Favorite Restaurant 

Stan’s is a locally owned restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. But here’s the twist – you can get any of these meals at any time of the day, although their breakfasts seem to be a crowd favorite. Homemade omelets, biscuits and gravy, stacks of pancakes and daily baked breads keep townies coming back for more.

3. Mountain Town Station Restaurant and Brewery 

Mountain Town is one of the local higher-end restaurants. It has been voted mid-Michigan’s number one steakhouse, brewery and wine shop. With more than 300 different wines, hand cut steaks and a vast selection of microbrews, it’s a local hot spot for going out for a nice lunch, date or a nice family dinner.

4. Deerfield Nature Park

Deerfield Nature Park has many amenities, like the miles of beautifully scenic trails by the flowing Chippewa River that are great for hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The park also has a sledding hill, sandy swimming beaches, volleyball, horseshoes and two disc golf courses. No matter the season, this local spot is sure to deliver a good time.

5. Island Park

Island Park is complete with a Michigan Vietnam veterans memorial, softball fields, tennis and basketball courts, skateboard parks and many other activities. Not to mention, the local farmers market pays a visit to the West gazebo every Thursday, starting the first week of June and ending in late October.

6. Access Adventure Trail 

With paved trails that wind through the local woods, Access Adventure Trail was created to promote healthy lifestyles and relieve stress. The trails are complete with interactive nature interpretation signs that allow narration from smartphones, which give you insight into the wildlife and landscape features of the Chippewa River.

7. Robaire’s Bakery 

Since 1963, Robaire’s Bakery has been famous for making the best doughnuts in town. Made fresh every day, Robaire’s sells homemade cookies, cakes, doughnuts and other sweet treats. Although it is known to be a social hang out for the older generation, Robaire’s is a great place for all ages to grab fresh coffee, baked goods and indulge in a social fix.

8. Max and Emily’s Eatery

Max and Emily’s is a locally owned sandwich shop with more than 60 different sandwich options – but it doesn’t stop there. Along with the many handcrafted unique sandwiches, Max and Emily’s serves soup, salad, burgers and desserts. They also put on concerts featuring a variety of bands during the summer months.

9. Chippewa River

Known to the townies as the Chip River, you haven’t experienced the best of Mount Pleasant until you’ve taken a trip with your friends tubing down this beautiful, scenic river that runs through Mount Pleasant. When you get a chance, grab your friends on a sunny day, pick up some drinks and snacks and float your day away.

10. The Cabin

The Cabin is a local restaurant and bar known for its pizza and beloved cheese filled breadsticks, better known as “Cabin sticks.” But, filling up on good beer, pizza and breadsticks wouldn’t be complete without entertainment. Luckily, The Cabin hosts local bands and the ever-famous karaoke night that is an experience like no other.