Why store bought hair extensions are worth the buy

Some women are born with naturally full, long and silky hair.

The rest of us are left to wonder what hair tricks and products we can use to make our hair look likewise.

From hair growth cremes to pills to extensions, we’ve tried them all. Since it could take several weeks or even months to see results, if any, from cremes or pills, hair extensions are the most realistic and quickest way to achieve that Rapunzel-like look.

While some hair extensions can be done professionally at a salon, not everyone has or wants to spend that kind of money. Salon hair extensions can range anywhere from $450 to $1,000-plus. Those prices don’t always include the price of the hair itself either, which means the total cost could be even higher.

Extensions added just for volume that may require less hair will be slightly cheaper but why spend that amount of money to get it professionally done, when you could achieve the same look yourself for less? Hair extensions are available for purchase at various beauty supply stores and online.

Based on SallyBeauty.com reviews, Remy hair extensions ranked high for customers. Remy hair extensions are made of human hair, which means you can style them like you would your regular hair. They can be washed, dried, curled and flat-ironed. The best part is they are clip-ins, so you can wear them as often or little as you like.

“You can wear them daily or for special occasions, which is mostly the only time I use them,” Muskegon native Taryn VanAelst said. “Overall I really like using the Remy extensions and I’ve even had some last for three years.”

Perhaps best known for his work with Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves created a line of clip-in hair extensions, Hairdo by HairUWear, that will be sure to give you that extra and volume length you’ve been craving. Paves’ extensions can be found at www.hairextensions.com and vary in price based on length and texture of hair. They come in both synthetic and human hair and take only a few minutes to apply. Extensions can last three to six months, depending how often they’re worn.