Wine Wednesday: 12 reasons wine drunk is your favorite drunk

Wine – it’s everyone’s best friend. Whether it be red, white or sparkling, it always has a special place in our hearts.

Wine is reliable, stable and strong. It’s there to comfort you during your hard times, and celebrate with you during life accomplishments. Getting wine drunk is almost a rite of passage – and here’s why it is the most fun form of getting tipsy.

1. It makes you feel classy.

You could be relaxing in sweats, but with a glass of Moscato in hand, you’ve never felt classier.

2. It’s technically fruit.

So you’re actually being healthy, right? Right.

3. You don’t feel bloated the way you do after drinking beer.

Beer contains a hefty load of carbs and can make you feel full and bloated. Wine, however, will make you feel bubbly and flawless.

4. The bartender can never mess up the order.

How hard is it to pour a glass of Chardonnay? No worries here, you’ll get your wine fix and be relaxed in no time.

5. It can make you sound intelligent, even if you’re completely clueless.

You know you like Riesling, and that sounds intelligent, right?

6. It’s a great excuse to consume large amounts of cheese.

Pairing wine with cheese is a classy tradition, so you don’t have to feel bad about indulging in an entire selection of smoked Gouda.

7. You can drink it in front of your parents without them thinking you’re an alcoholic.

Wine is best served at dinner with good company. Your parents will think highly of you if you’re sipping on a glass of Champagne, rather than chasing shots of tequila.

8. Drinking an entire bottle isn’t frowned upon.

In fact, it’s encouraged – those two-for-one specials are killer.

9. It serves as the perfect excuse to stay in on a cold night.

Why go out when you can Netflix it in bed with a bottle of wine?

10. The conversations you have while wine drunk are incomparable to any form of liquor.

When you’re drunk off of tequila or vodka, no one knows what you’re trying to say. When you ingest two bottles of wine, there’s no shutting off your feelings.

11. Slapping the bag counts as exercise.

Sounds like a heavy arm workout, right?

12. It’s the best sleep aid out there.

You may not remember falling asleep, but it will be the best sleep you’ve gotten in ages.