Coffee, Character and Creativity: Dreamer Coffee

When Ike Han came to Central Michigan University in 2013, he had one dream: owning a coffee shop.

Since traveling to Michigan from China, Han has been looking for an opportunity to make his business-owning dreams come true. So, when the University Cup closed, he saw an opportunity – and seized it. In the coming months, Han would open one of the most well-received coffee houses in Mount Pleasant: Dreamer Coffee.

While Han had many options to choose from for a name of his establishment, he chose Dreamer Coffee as a signature of his own dreams, as well as those of others.

“I am a person who continually dreams – I also want other people to achieve their dreams,” Han said. “Mount Pleasant is a college town with so many young people who have dreams and ambitions and I want the coffee shop to be a place for them to work and study to achieve those dreams.”

When customers first walk into Dreamer Coffee, they come face-to-face with a very untraditional coffee house. The walls, painted a sleek, stark white, give the shop a modern feel.

The shop dons unique, light colored tables with small plants adorning them, and stylish couches are provided for lounging and studying, which adds to the establishment’s sleek design.

Samantha Hubbard, a barista at Dreamer Coffee, is an avid coffee drinker and possibly the biggest fan of one of their signature drinks, the Café Miel.“It’s a honey and cinnamon-based latte,” she said, not to mention one of their most popular drinks.

College students work as baristas for a number of reasons, but for Hubbard, it has always been about the environment.

“I’ve always wanted to be a barista, and this is a really relaxing place to work,” she said.

Students and Mount Pleasant residents alike have already taken note of the change between the old establishment and the modern feel of Dreamer Coffee, like Ann Arbor senior Stefanie Thomas.

“At Starbucks, you could be in line for half an hour and in here, it’s really nice because you can just come in and hang out without the long wait,” she said. “You can tell that (Dreamer Coffee) cares about quality because they provide pour-over coffee and even though it may take longer, it tastes better.”

Among their many offerings, Dreamer Coffee offers gourmet coffee as well as bubble tea and tea by Teapigs. Everything costs less than $5, which is great for college students on a budget.

Graduate Student, Ike Ham, looks at his computer at The Dreamer Coffee Shop
Graduate student, Ike Han, studies in the quiet environment of Dreamer Coffee.
(Photo | Claire Abendroth)

While proficient in coffee-making, Dreamer Coffee’s delectable beverages aren’t the only thing they’re known for. Community involvement is an important part of this establishment, as the shop hosts an art show each month and allow winners to display their artwork within the coffee house. This helps customers, community members and students alike to get their names out in the art world and earn a little extra cash while they’re at it.

Brett Sauve, a CMU alumni, is one artist whose artwork is being featured, and while he frequented the University Cup before it closed, he too, prefers Dreamer Coffee.

“I like (Dreamer Coffee) more, as it’s a lot brighter and has a happier vibe,” he said.

Dreamer Coffee seems to be the new place to be off campus, and students looking to grab delicious coffee, relax with friends or get some studying done will enjoy this new establishment’s quiet and vibrant atmosphere.

Dreamer Coffee is located at 1027 S. Franklin St. in Mount Pleasant, Mich.
(Photo | Claire Abendroth)