15 Easy Tips to Never Having a Bad Hair Day Again

If we lived in a perfect world, everyone would wakeup flawless and unleash their inner Beyonce and chant, “I woke up like this.”

However, not everyone lives the luxurious life of the rich and the famous. You know – the one with a personal glam squad tracking your every blemish.

Although it’s close to impossible to have perfect hair day and night, Grand Central has 15 ways to prevent bad hair days for the rest of your life. Yes, you read that last part right.

1. See Your Hair, Be Your Hair

First off, know your hair type. Then, research and try products that compliment said type.

2. Bye-Bye, Dead Ends

Stay up to date with salon appointments. Granted, trimming your hair will not help it grow, but it will keep your look consistently refreshed.

3. Good Morning, Vitamins

Consider starting and ending your day with biotin or fish oil supplements. Not only do vitamins help with hair growth, but they also add shine and strength on a regular basis.

4. Hydration Station

Drink eight glasses of water a day. Hydration starts from the inside out. Keeping your body hydrated will help your hair stay healthy.

5. Head Start

Much like your foundation, good hair starts at the beginning. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair type.

6. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday 

Unless you absolutely need to, don’t wash your hair every day. Shampoo can easily dry out your strands and fade hair dye quickly if used on a daily basis.

7. Wet Vs. Dry

There are two brushes every woman should own: a wide-tooth comb and a paddle brush. Unless you want major breakage, use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet and a paddle brush when hair is dry.

8. Product Before Style

Apply product before you style your hair. Not only will the end result last longer but also you can rest easy knowing your hair will survive a hectic day and require less upkeep.

9. Cool It, Girl

Utilize the cool setting on your blow dryer. It’s there for a reason. Although heat styles hair, cool air sets it.

10. It’s Getting Hot In Here

Always use a heat protectant, especially if you flat iron your hair on a regular basis.

11. Cleanse Your Hair 

Let’s face it, dirty hair is way easier to style than clean hair. However, what do you do when you just washed your hair? Here’s a secret: texturizing spray.

12. Frizzle Frazzle

No one likes frizzy dryness or unruly hair. Do yourself a favor and buy a good serum, specifically formulated for your luscious locks.

13. Tame Those Flies

Rather than stiffening your scalp as a whole, spray a toothbrush with hairspray and gently brush flyaway pieces into place.

14. Uno, Dos, Tres!

Learn and master three hairstyles you can do under five minutes. Having go-to styles in your arsenal will relieve stress when your tresses won’t behave.

15. Establish a Routine

When you look great, you feel great. Stay consistent with a daily or weekly routine that works well for your hair and your class schedule.