Hannah Kaske: Get to Know the Girl behind “Makeup Monday”

Story by Devon Rademacher
Photos by Anne Langan

If you’re a dedicated Grand Central reader, you’re probably familiar with Style & Beauty’s “Makeup Monday” feature where Hannah Kaske gives tutorials, beauty tips and some makeup inspiration for Central Michigan University students.

055a9785-2Sophomore Hannah Kaske hails from South Lyon, Michigan, and the description “beauty obsessed” might be an understatement. Her makeup desk looks like something out of “Clueless”, with mirrors, brushes and colors for days.

Kaske and her twin sister, Hailee, run the Cmich Makeup Instagram account, a hair and makeup business here on campus.055a9760

In her free time, the elementary education major also dabbles in painting as a creative outlet. Expressing herself through beauty, clothing and artwork is a large part of Kaske’s life.