Wine Wednesday: Why sangria is the perfect summer drink

Summer is quickly approaching, meaning it’s time to kick back with a pitcher of ice-cold, fruit-packed sangria and soak up the sun.

Fruity, high-acidic white and red wines make a great combo when adding sweet, ripe fruits that are in season. This wine-based punch is easy to make and perfect for the warm weather. And as this semester comes to a close, celebrating with a full glass is necessary – we all know you need it.

Easy to make

There are hundreds of wines and fruits out there to choose from, which means you can make any type of sangria possible. Invite your friends over to try your insatiable combination, also great for guests that aren’t so eager to try something unfamiliar.

Filled with fruit

Sangria is packed with fresh fruit, making it somewhat “healthy.” It’s an easy way to get in your daily dose of berries and stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Easy to transport

Sangria can be made in a large pitcher, perfect for picnics, bonfires or just a summer party. This way, people can serve themselves, and you don’t have to worry about playing bartender.

Can buy at the store

For last minute parties, sangria can be bought pre-mixed at the store. No need to worry about creating your own concoction when you’re running late to celebrate.